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Pioneer Wagon Shade

Wagons have been used for decades and are apart of our heritage. Seguin Canvas and Awning, llc is committed to restoration by recovering wagons. We also have additional features that we can add that might make your trail ride a little more comfortable. Call us for a free consultation Make your next trail ride, ranch tour, parade, or pioneer tradition come to life!


Types of Covers and Products for Wagons



Full Cover Canopy *This type of canopy extends from the front of the wagon to the back. Usually, this is tied with a rope to gather the edges and folds. Grommet hardware is added to reinforce the tie holes.
Screen door Canopy *A screen door canopy fits over the front and back entrances of your wagon. This keeps pest and insects out during times of use. Protect your occupants with a screen drop!
Separation Canopy *A separation canopy is a drop type curtain used in the interior of the wagon. This can separate sleeping quarters and storage.
Windows *Windows can be added to the sides of your canopy cover so occupants can see outside during periods of use.
Vinyl Roll Curtain *A clear vinyl roll curtain can be added to the front or back of your wagon. This let's the light come in while protecting the occupants and belongings from the weather.
Logo and Graphics *Seguin Canvas and Awning, llc does graphics and logo design. Announce to the public who you are and what adventure you offer by having a graphic places on your wagon side.


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Canopy Material

Some of the largest fabric manufactures that we use are Sunbrella®, Serge Ferrari Group®, and Herculite®. Wagons can be done in different colors, fabric types, vinyl styles, and have custom options such as mesh screen. Velcro, zippers, and ties are available as custom options for wagon covers.

Most fabrics comes with a manufacture warranty. Contact our representative today to find out more about fabrics and specific warranties that are available.

If you do not see a style you like here, call us for a consultation.

We do repairs, covers, and speciality items as well.

The thread used to manufacture your awning is of the highest quality and doesn't contain any polyester. We only use Gore ® Tenera ® Sewing Thread.

Our thread is only the best. The thread is made up of 100 percent expanded polytetrafluoroethylene.

*UV radiation holds up against the stitches
*Will not rot or mildew
*Usually last longer than the material of the awning
*Guarantied by the manufacture
*Sunlight doesn't damage the thread




Why Choose Seguin Canvas & Awning?

Seguin Canvas & Awning, llc. is here before, during, and after project completion. Your project is our goal and with thirty years of experience, we are here tomorrow. View our work and see for yourself.

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Don't forget about cleaning and maintaining your product!

We are an official retailer of Imar Cleaning Products®!

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