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Marine Upholstery

Seguin Canvas and Awning, llc offers a wide range of upholstery for your watercraft. We do yachts, sailboats, bass boats, offshore boats, jet skies, and more. All of our upholstery is custom to your vessel.

We offer products for exterior and interior parts of your vessel all custom made.

Contact us for more information regarding marine upholstery We do any special project as well.

Looking for a new top or cover for your marine vessel? See our marine top or marine cover page.


Types of Upholstery for Marine

*Captain Chairs and Navigation Seats
*Bench Chairs and Lean Back Chairs
*Passenger benches and chairs
*All seating areas
*Ice Chest Cushions
*Wood Replacement (depending on job)
*Hardware Replacement (depending on job)
*Padding for Almost Any Area
*Side Panels
*Cushion Boards
*Gallery Areas, Cabin Areas, companionway, Stern, Bow, Port, Stare board areas
*Numerous Other Types of Custom Work to include spray shields and more
*Seats for speciality items such as jet ski seats.

bench seat for boatcaptain chairfull boat redo

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Marine Upholstery Material

Some of the largest fabric manufactures that we use are Sunbrella®, Serge Ferrari Group®, and Herculite®. Most fabrics comes with a manufacture warranty. We also offer custom beading around edges to really add a dramatic effect!

Contact our representative today to find out more about fabrics and specific warranties that are available for marine upholstery

Marine upholstery fabric is made to hold up to the weather and marine conditions. This is different than normal upholstery Seguin Canvas and Awning, llc. has a vast selection of marine fabrics to select from for your project.

Interior and exterior fabrics vary, but we do have a large line of fabrics to select from under our marine materials.

If you do not see a style you like here, call us for a consultation.

We do repairs, covers, and speciality items as well.

Interior and Exterior for Your Vessel

The Do and Don'ts

Use a fabric that is suited for marine use. This extends the life of your fabric
Do select from a fabric that is of marine grade especially when it comes to vinyls.
You can select form stitching or we can match heat sealing vinyls to match for repairs. We recommend stitching because our thread is guaranteed to last the life of the material.
Do keep your upholstery clean. Using plain soap and water will extend the life of your material and will keep your material looking fresh.
Don't place a vinyl cover over vinyl upholstery as the two materials together will create mildew. Make sure you use a cover that guards against mildew such as a nylon, cotton, or acrylic cover.
Do cover your upholstery when not in use to guard against weather, sun damage, dirt, and debris. This will also extend the life of your upholstery.
*Wood Replacement (depending on job)
*Hardware Replacement (depending on job)
*Padding for Almost Any Area
*Side Panels
*Cushion Boards
*Gallery Areas, Cabin Areas, companionway, Stern, Bow, Port, Starboard areas
*Numerous Other Types of Custom Work to include spray shields and more
Clean your interior upholstery often using recommended products. Call us for more details regarding your interior fabric.


Materials to Lastboat-redo1

Restoring marine upholstery has never been easier. New cushions, new restoration, and quality fabrics can restore your marine vessel.


Before and After!

We can take old and make it look brand new! Contact us for more information!

gluefinished chair

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Using The Best Thread for Marine

The thread used to manufacture your awning is of the highest quality and doesn't contain any polyester. We only use Gore ® Tenera ® Sewing Thread.

Our thread is only the best. The thread is made up of 100 percent expanded polytetrafluoroethylene.

*UV radiation holds up against the stitches
*Will not rot or mildew
*Usually last longer than the material of the awning
*Guarantied by the manufacture
*Sunlight doesn't damage the thread

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Carpets For Marinecarpets for marine

Yes, we do carpets for your marine vessel as well!

Marine carpets can come in different grades that can match your taste and budget. Contact us for more information regarding carpets.

Carpets can be placed by using glue or even snapped in with binding edges.



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Seguin Canvas & Awning, llc. is here before, during, and after project completion. Your project is our goal and with thirty years of experience, we are here tomorrow. View our work and see for yourself.

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We are an offical retailer of Imar Cleaning Products®!

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