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Commercial Tarps

Commercial Tarps are more than just a great thing to have, in some cases it is the law. Protect you and your company from unwanted damages by investing in a custom made tarp from Seguin Canvas and Awning, llc. This keeps your load safe and helps your company to avoid costly fines.

We offer vinyl, vinyl with ducking, mesh and custom webbing. Protect your commercial load against weather, damaging others on the road, and vendor/clients merchandise.


Types of Commercial Tarps



Load Tarps *This is used for loads on flatbeds. Use this tarp to cover precious merchandise such as building materials. These can come with drops on the side as well to extend down the load.
Belly Dump *Belly dump tarps can be made of mesh or vinyl. These can be used to cover loads where asphalt or other debris is being moved.
Tarps for Electric or Crank Operated Tarps *These usually have a reinforcement pocket to add durability around cables and hardware so the tarp will last longer and no rubbing on hardware causing tears.
Roll Over Tarps *These can roll over from one side. They usually work with your crank hardware on your truck and trailer. Reinforcement is usually done on these types using webbing for extra support.
Basic Flat Tarps *These tarps can be used to cover just about anything you require. If you are needing to cover soil, hay, mulch, or other merchandise, these are good for that purpose.

Heat Sealing

Seguin Canvas and Awning, llc uses a heat sealing process on our vinyl tarps. Heat sealing provides better quality and reinforcement than normal sewing of vinyl. In addition, this makes your tarp the custom size you require.


Tarps have a lot of extra pressure due to the circumstances of how they are used in the commercial industry. Here at Seguin Canvas and Awning, llc. we are committed to making your product as strong as possible so it can withstand the extra use. Reinforcement, webbing, is done on the edges of most commercial tarps. This compares to a normal seat belt strap. The webbing is double stitched to provide extra support.

sewing a tarp

Tarp Material

Vinyl and mesh are the basic types of tarps. The type of product and your commercial needs will determine the type of fabric.

If you do not see a style you like here, call us for a consultation. Tarps are all custom fit.

The thread used to manufacture your awning is of the highest quality and doesn't contain any polyester. We only use Gore ® Tenera ® Sewing Thread.

Our thread is only the best. The thread is made up of 100 percent expanded polytetrafluoroethylene.

*UV radiation holds up against the stitches
*Will not rot or mildew
*Usually last longer than the material of the awning
*Guarantied by the manufacture
*Sunlight doesn't damage the thread

Repairs to Tarps

Sometimes tarps can be repaired rather than replaced. Here at Seguin Canvas and Awning, llc, we can help with that. Minor tears can be fixed quickly in most cases.

Call us for a free consultation on Tarps repair!

tarp measuring


Why Choose Seguin Canvas & Awning?

Seguin Canvas & Awning, llc. is here before, during, and after project completion. Your project is our goal and with thirty years of experience, we are here tomorrow. View our work and see for yourself.

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