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Pool Covers

There are several type of pool covers available. Depending on your needs and what protection you need for your pool will depend on the style.

Seguin Canvas and Awning, LLC also does repairs on pool covers. Call us for a free consultation or to call us for repairs.

Blue Pool Cover

Type Benefit and Disadvantages
Solid Pool Cover

*You don't have to utilize chemicals as often.

*The sun light does not hit the water. This helps prevent algae growth.

*Keeps water out of the pool keeping the water cleaner. This means less maintaining.

*You can limit the amount of filtering and vacuuming.

*Disadvantage: Holds water on top of cover making maintenance requirements when there is precipitation.

*Pool cover can get dirty on top requiring

Mess Pool Cover

*This type allows water to filter through. This is a good benefit during freezing perception.

*Fine Dust can filter from the cover. Granted this means you have to clean your pool more, however the cover does not have to be cleaned as often.

*May cost less than a regular pool cover. In addition they may last longer than a vinyl.

*Mesh covers do not require a pump to rid the cover of water. The water seeps through the mesh. This is beneficial during cold weather.

*Pool Cleaner may be needed. Mess pools are sturdy but also easier to handle and fold up during pool season.

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Color Options

Pool Covers can be ordered in an arrange of colors.

Color Selections

Color of Mesh Pool Colors

Mesh Color Selection

Blue Defender, Green Defender

Charcoal Defender, Tan Defender

Blue, Green, Black, Brown

Solid Pool Covers

Forest Green, Royal Blue

Light Blue, Brown

Aqua, Tan

Gray, Red


Types of Covers and Important Information

pool cover

We offer a wide range of covers custom ordered to meet your needs.

Our representative will measure you pool to make sure the fit is perfect!

If you do not see a style you like here, contact us for a consultation.


Classic Solid Safety Pool Cover

Rest on the water's surface below the pool's edge, forming a barrier over any in ground pool. Shape and size do not matter.

*Made of vinyl coated fabric.

* Brass anchors that are flush with deck. *Rubber ties to prevent deck damage *Treated with a chemical that helps prevent mold, mildew , and odor-causing germs.

Defender Mesh Safety Pool Cover

A layer of protection to cover your pool.

*Stops 98% of sunlight

*Reduces the amount of chemicals needed to maintain the pool.

*D-rings for easy installation and webs on bottom. This makes it easier to clean.

*All hardware is included.

*Heavier fabric but has an average 12-year warranty.

*Folds easy.

Commercial Pool Covers

This can be done for any commercial type of water area.

*Designed for exact measurements.

Great for water parks, hotels, country clubs, and resorts.

*Can have special features added for diving boards, slice, and more.

5-Star Solid Safety Pool Cover

Helps and aids in preventing accidental entry, winter debris, and is attractive to the eye.

*360 Degree tensioning for strength and protection.

*Made with 14 oz. coated vinyl.

Heavy duty springs that stretch- great for precipitation and weight.

*Tensions welded in place, no sewing perforations that weaken the cover.

*No cross webbing.

*Brass anchors that are flush with attachment area such as a deck.

Mesh Safety Pool Cover

Stretches tight over the pool. This makes a barrier. Shape and size of pool do not matter.

*Polyproplene mesh

*D-rings for easy installations

*Webs sewn on bottom providing easy cleaning and maintenance.

*Brass anchors that are flush.

*Optional spring skids that prevent deck damage.

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