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Marine Covers and Shade

Marine covers are a way to add protection to your marine vessel. They can come in an arrange of styles.

Here at Seguin Canvas and Awning, llc. we build our marine covers from only the best marine products. Marine products are made to hold up to the weather, salt, and other conditions.

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Types of Marine Covers and Additional Options



Full Cover/Mooring Style *A full cover covers the entire interior by putting the cover over the top of the vessel. This type of cover has grommet holes where ropes can fasten and secure your cover.
Full strap cover *This type of cover has straps added and can have grommets also to secure the cover. This is good for vessels that are in boat slips or will be trailers for long periods of time.
Canopies over objects *These type of covers can be built to cover and protect different objects or areas. They can be fastened to objects or dwellings. For example, on a marine vessel, you could have a cover for the center console of your boat.
Snap covers for certain areas *Snap covers are usually used on the bow or stern of the boat. They have snaps that fasten the cover into place. This can dress up a vessel as well as protect areas of the vessel from weather.
Cockpit Covers *These types of covers are used on vessels that have a designated pit. By adding a cover you can expand the space and give protection from the elements.
Convertible Cover *This cover is similar to a convertible cover on a car. This cover is on the front captain decking area. This type of cover can add class and charm to your vessel.
Enclosure Covers, Panels, and Drops *Enclosures, panels, and drops can be added to almost any area. This is a great way to stay out of the weather and protect the boat and occupants from getting wet. Vinyl can be added to the panels so that occupants can still see.
Windshield Covers *Windshield covers are used to protect the windshield. Vinyl can be added as well to create a windshield where you can still see out of and use.
Sailboat Covers, Sail Shade *Sail boat covers can be made to custom fit the vessel. In addition, we can make new sails for your vessel as well.

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Cover Material

Some of the largest fabric manufactures that we use are Sunbrella®, Serge Ferrari Group®, and Herculite®. Most fabrics comes with a manufacture warranty. Contact our representative today to find out more about fabrics and specific warranties that are available.

If you do not see a style you like here, call us for a consultation.

We do repairs, covers, and speciality items as well.

The thread used to manufacture your awning is of the highest quality and doesn't contain any polyester. We only use Gore ® Tenera ® Sewing Thread.

Our thread is only the best. The thread is made up of 100 percent expanded polytetrafluoroethylene.

*UV radiation holds up against the stitches
*Will not rot or mildew
*Usually last longer than the material of the awning
*Guarantied by the manufacture
*Sunlight doesn't damage the thread

Looking for more types of Marine Shade? Visit our Marine Tops Page as well!

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How to I pick what kind of fabric to use for my cover?

How to pick your fabric for your boat cover

There are three basic types of boat covers, each with it's own pro's and con's. Picking the best fabric will depend on several factors.


This will be the most cost efficient of all of the options; however this material is short term as far as longevity.

The fabric is water repellent and is good against rubbing.

Cotton is effected by sap, precipitation, and animal droppings. If you are planning to store your vessel under a tree, this is not a good option.


This fabric is one of the strongest fabrics. Polyester can stretch and shrink which makes it great for covers.

The color options are more compared to cotton fabrics.

Unlike some other fabrics, polyester requires less maintenance.

Polyester is not as water repellent as other fabrics and after a few years might fade.

This is a great fabric for those who don't want to maintain, clean, and protect their cover because this fabric is more tough.


This fabric stays brighter than any other fabric and the color is longer lasting. Unlike polyester, the color will not rub once wearing occurs.

The con to acrylic is this fabric does require more maintenance than other fabrics. The handoff to this is acrylic looks newer longer.

Acrylic doesn't mildew like some other fabrics. This is a bonus if you are worried about carpet or upholstery.

Acrylic fabric is not as good on shrinking and stretching as some of the other fabrics. Care must be taken when trying to get the cover tight over the vessel.

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Do and Don't of Marine Care

Do and Don't of Marine Product Care

*Do keep your covers, panels, and drops clean. See our cleaning page for instructions.
*Do pick only mild cleaning chemicals and make sure they will not harm vinyl/fabrics or leave bleach stains.
*Do look for fabrics that meet your storage requirements. For example, if you plan to leave your vessel out in the weather, consider a breathable fabric that will help prevent mold and mildew.
*Polish vinyls as suggested by the manufacture. See our cleaning page for more instructions.
*Do rinse with plain water to keep dirt and debris off of fabric.

*Don't use other products to strap and secure your cover. This can cause rips and tears in the product. Call us for more information.

*Don't let tears and rips unrepaired. This can cause a simple rip to tear more. Call us about repairs to existing covers.
Do secure the cover correctly. Upholstery, carpet, and the interior can receive damage.
Don't transport your vessel with the cover all the time. While we make covers to last, transporting your vessel with the cover can make the fabric stretch and become weak. We recommend that if you are traveling long distances and/or frequently that you remove the cover unless necessary.

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