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Why Commercial Awnings

Commercial awnings have many benefits. As a business there are several things to consider.

The advantages of a commercial awning are vast. Our design software can show you how your awning will look, call us for a free consultation.


commercial awningcommercial awnings


Reason Benefit Description
Expanding Your Space An awning expands your business outside of just the dwelling inviting customers to new spaces.
Opportunity For Advertising Awnings provide value by branding your company, colors, and logo. An awning can introduce you to new customers. Sinage that includes logo, address, or company name is an invitation for clients.
Operating Cost Awnings provide savings on utility cost.
Enhances Surroundings A business is made up of it's surroundings to include landscaping, awnings can enhance the surroundings. It also gives an invitation for customers to see your entrance.

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Fabric and Threads

Patterns, designs, colors, and fabric type can make a difference into the impact an awning can make to your business. We select from the best quality possible. What separates Seguin Canvas & Awning, LLC with other manufactures is the quality of products that we use. solid fabric

Some of the largest fabric manufactures that we use are Sunbrella®, Serge Ferrari Group®, and Herculite ®. Most fabrics comes with a manufacture warranty. Contact our representative today to find out more about fabrics and specific warranties that are available.  See the Sunbrella fabric showroom for some of our selections.


The thread used to manufacture your awning is of the highest quality and doesn't contain any polyester. We only use Gore ® Tenera ® Sewing Thread.


Our thread is only the best. The thread is made up of 100 percent expanded polytetrafluoroethylene.

*UV radiation holds up against the stitches
*Will not rot or mildew
*Guaranteed to last longer than the material of the awning
*Guaranteed by the manufacture
*Sunlight doesn't damage the thread
*Some engineers now require this thread.


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Awning and Valance Types for Commercial

Introducing your building and business is how to increase revenue. Decide your look you want to encompass, than pick an awning type that will embrace that style. Let our design team help you promote your business.

These are the most common awning styles, but if you don't see something you like call us to discuss custom options.


Optional valance can be added.

Traditional Awning Traditional Awning

Open Traditional (has open sides)

Optional valance can be added.

Open Awning Open Awning

Hipped (comes in traditional as well)

Optional valance can be added.

Hipped Awning Hipped Awning


Optional valance can be added.

Dome awning color Dome Awning


Optional valance can be added.

Convex Awning Convex Awning


Optional valance can be added.

Convave Awning Convave Awning
Round Marquee Round Marquee Awnging Round Marquee Awning

Elongated Dome

Optional valance can be added.

Elongated Dome Elongated Dome

Example Valance Styles That are Optional Add on's.

(Styles may vary.)

Valance Styles




Why Choose Seguin Canvas & Awning?

Seguin Canvas & Awning, llc. is here before, during, and after project completion. Your project is our goal and with thirty years of experience, we are here tomorrow. View our work and see for yourself.

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Don't forget about cleaning and maintaining your product!

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